The innovation behind 5 sheet metal

Patented bolt design

Behind what looks like five simple sheets metal welded together there are details that others do not see, there is an infinity of work and a desire for innovation.

We have developed a patented bolting technology that guarantees even greater seals than welding and makes it possible to export to every remote corner of the planet thanks to the incredible space optimization.

Easy to transport

Experience and passion

Conquer new markets

Certified insulation

“Insulation” is a fairly recent term in the hauliers’ vocabulary, but it quickly gained great importance in the bitumen transport business. Our insulation is certified by DIN 70001, which defines the technical characteristics of the equipment.

For example, it is mandatory in the northern Italian region to transport asphalt for public contracts.
Few would choose to adopt it for their upfits. We did it, because the insulation certification is extremely strict but guarantees a very high-quality standard. Bitumen loses very few degrees after several hours of transport, even in the middle of winter.

This allows to decrease the loading temperature, resulting in a significant decrease in natural gas consumption.

Anti-wear materials

We work with some of the world’s leading steel manufacturers and suppliers to ‘wear and tear’ characteristics of our tippers.

This allows us to provide product guarantee and certification to ensure the operational life expectancy of our products.



Product quotation

Please contact our specialist team to discuss your tipper product needs and obtain a detailed quotation.